Monday, October 29, 2007

A-Rod Opts Out; Slammed by Gammons

What cannot have been a surprise to anyone who follows baseball or Scott Boras, A-Rod announced through his agent (Boras) that he is opting out of the final 3 years of his deal with the Yankees.

What was a surprise to me was the reaction tonight on ESPN from Peter Gammons. Gammons said that the announcement -- during Game 4 of the World Series -- showed a complete disrespect for the game. Gammons went on saying that it was particularly disrespectful coming from a guy who claims he wants to play for a championship team, and that A-Rod's actions may show why he's never even played in a World Series. Gammons also added that this should act as a warning to those who are considering signing him to a $250M+ contract. Wow.

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Ken Halpern said...

I agree with Gammons and have mixed feelings about the Mets acquiring A-Rod, though I am sure I would rationalize it if they did. ;-)

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