Monday, October 29, 2007

Pats Crush Skins

52-7. Wow. I guess Joe Gibbs wasn't kidding during his press conference this week when he asked if anyone had a game plan to stop the Patriots. Clearly Joe got nothing from the beat reporters and came up empty with ideas of his own.

I'm going to pass on any commentary on the actual game, but just send a shout out to my good friend Mark D, but unfortunately a Redskins fan living in Rhode Island, just miles from Gillette Stadium. I'm sure he got dozens of calls from his friends after this beat-down. He already has an email from me :)

But one stat I do want to talk about. Yes, Brady, Moss, Welker and the rest of the receiving corps are on their way to setting just about every offensive record in the book. But the most stunning stat I noticed today was point differential. The Pats have a +204 differential. That's impressive. But it's even more impressive when you realize that only two other teams have SCORED more than 204 points this year.

Next week's "Showdown in Speedtown" between the Pats and Colts should be as good as advertised.

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