Thursday, October 18, 2007

Now that brings a smile to my heart

Celtics 101 Knicks 61

I know it's only pre-season and the games don't matter, but just seeing the box score from tonight's pre-season opener at the TD Banknorth Garden made me smile. The Knicks shot 25.9% from the floor and didn't have one player reach double digits. Nice.

And on the same day, MSG and Isiah ask the court to reduce the punitive damage award to Anucha Browne-Sanders. Not overturn the finding of the jury and exhonorate Isiah Thomas, but simply reduce the amount of the award. This seems to be a very different posture than the response from Thomas the day that the jury found him and MSG liable, where he stated his disappointment in the jury's findings that he sexually harassed Ms. Browne-Sanders. Where's the indignation now? I thought Isiah said that he was not guilty of the things that he was accused of? This hardly seems the response of an "innocent" man. When will the Knicks learn that this does not reduce the damages. It merely brings the story back to the forefront and the back pages of the NY papers. If they wanted to cut their losses, they'd have just paid the money and tried to put it behind them. Ah, the Jimmy Dolan brain trust is at it again.

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