Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Marbury Still Clueless

Italy is one of my favorite countries to visit. That's why today's report that Stephon Marbury intends to play hoops in Italy in the Euroleague is both preposterous and upsetting. The Italian people are wonderful, nice and certainly don't deserve to have a moron like Marbury foisted on them. The idea saddens me.

But the most galling thing about the report is Marbury's reasoning. He acts as if the only reason that the Knicks wouldn't want to sign him (or any other team for that matter) is because of creaky knees. Hey Starbury, ever think it has anything to do with the fact that your a cancer on every team you've been associated with? You don't make your teammates better, every team you leave gets better and every team you go to gets worse. Oh, and I forgot that you pout, complain and disrupt a team when things don't go your way. The way you undermined Larry Brown, the one guy who could have actually helped your development as a player, was completely despicable.

But I will say that Marbury's self-comparison to David Beckham is pretty on target. He would be an aging "star" (although never the elite player that Beckham was back in the day) who went to another league in another country where 99% of the population won't give a damn that he came.

To all my friends in Italy, I can only hope for your sake that Marbury either has a career ending injury or convinces the Knicks to pay him again when his contract is up. With boobs like Isiah and James Dolan running the show, that's as likely an outcome as any.

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