Tuesday, July 31, 2007

KG's a Celtic: Another Blow to the Knicks :)

I loathe Isiah Thomas and Jim Dolan and what has befallen my previously beloved New York Knicks. However, I have vowed that as long as those assholes are involved with the Knicks, I renounce my support for the team. In fact, after the way Larry Brown was treated nothing makes me happier than to see the Knicks suffer.

And that brings me to the KG trade. I love it. It almost virtually dooms the Knicks to missing the playoffs again. I had a temporary set back when the Knicks acquired Zach Randolph for the proverbial bag of donuts. Oh, I shouldn't say that. Those were players that Thomas drafted/acquired. And according to Stephen A. Smith Isiah Thomas is an amazing evaluator of talent, especially when it comes to the draft, so they must be great players. Except for the fact that Channing Frye who was the #8 pick in the 2005 draft is softer than the Stay-Puff marshmellow man.

Anyways, while I never understood how Randolph and Curry would play together and how they would keep the opponents score under 200 with no interior defense, it pained me to see Isiah actually get the better part of a deal and potentially have a chance at the playoffs next season.

Even better, Isiah had floated the idea that the Knicks could be a player in the KG sweepstakes and buffoons like Ken Berger of Newsday actually printed that drivel. But alas Isiah was outmanuvered by DANNY F-ING AINGE of all people. The one GM that most people thought was more incompetent than Isiah. Just great, great news. A smile has come back over my face.

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