Tuesday, July 22, 2008

'Genius Bar' is Terribly Misnamed

I love my Mac, but the support, not so much. Recently I had a problem with my battery. So what did I do, I went down to the Apple Store to go to the Genius Bar. Now I didn't know that you had to make an appointment before I went. One may say, "why didn't you check the website first". To those people, and to the morons (not geniuses) that named it a 'Genius BAR', the word BAR implies that you walk up and get served. Just like every bar I've ever gone to for a drink. Apparently Apple's definition of a bar means an area with a 4-foot high table with bar stools and the support people on the other side.

Of course I went down there and was told that no one could help me and I had to go back 10 days later. A major, major inconvenience. When I did go, I still had to wait 20 minutes past my appointment time (remember the Jerry Seinfeld quote about "HOLDING the reservation"), which didn't please my impatient 4-year old daughter.

Any way, the geniuses over at Apple should rethink their naming convention.

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