Thursday, March 6, 2008

West Wing and the 2008 Democratic Nomination

Is it just me or is it ironic that the brilliant TV show "The West Wing" which many saw as a homage to the Clinton Administration is coming back to bite Hillary in the ass?

The parallels between the Jimmy Smits character, Matt Santos, and Barack Obama are stunningly similar, just swap black for hispanic. His ability to stick with his convictions, stay above the political fray and provide a hopeful message for the future of the country is exactly the same storyline that Obama is playing out. With any luck for the country, the ending to the 2008 Presidential campaign will end the same way as the series did.


TamaraG said...

Hey, I love Obama but as a woman I have to object to you calling Hillary's ass very large. She seems in decent shape for a woman her age. Maybe focus more on her bitchy expressions. :)

HR-B said...

What I want to know is what does the size of her ass have to do with it--can she do the job or not? As for West Wing, we could do with more witty dialogue and drama that you want to CARE about in this campaign. Thanks for the laugh.

Glenn Gruber said...

OK, I will remove the anatomical references. As to HRB's comment (Holly is that you?), I don't think that she's the right person (was my bias not obvious enough?) and don't think she'd win the general election against McCain. Everyone in the middle shifts to McCain. Barack can get those votes, she can't.