Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pope Benedict Keeps Turning the Clocks Backward

Maybe I'm the only one who does this, but often there are articles or Op-Ed's in the paper that I don't get a chance to read, so I rip them out and save them for later. Well I just read an Op-Ed from James Carroll who is a regular contributor to the Boston Globe. I love his stuff.

The piece entitled "Reviving an old insult to the Jews" was published on Feb 18th and is a great read. In it Carroll talks about the Vatican's recent decision to reauthorize the "so-called Tiedentine Mass. This "what was old is new again" Latin mass again portrays Christianity as superceding Judaism and calls for Jews to convert. The original text that the Vatican approved "resuscitated the conversion insult, praying on Good Friday that God 'lift the veil' from 'Jewish Blindness'. Catholics and Jews objected and the language was modestly scaled back to say that Catholics should still pray that God may "enlighten" the heart of the Jews "so that they may recognize Jesus Christ, Saviour of all Mankind". Yeah, that's a lot better.

It's amazing to me that in today's day and age where Catholicism is on the decline and multi-culturalism is flourishing, that Pope Benedict XVI is trying to return to the 1600's to try to keep Catholicism relevant, as if by repudiating the legitimacy of other religions will strengthen his own. I think that many will have the opposite response. Carroll finishes the article nicely stating:

"Something is wrong with that development [Vatican II's Nostra Aetate condemning the idea that jews could be blemed for the murder of Jesus, and affirmed the permanence of God's Covenant with Israel], now say Vatican reactionaries. To which the people reply, "No, What's wrong is you'."


Timothy said...

Greetings! Saw your post in Google Blogsearch and came to visit.

>"It's amazing to me that in today's day and age where Catholicism is on the decline..."

Actually, in today's age Catholicism is not declining but increasing. Worldwide, the number of Catholics increased by 16 million and has been doing so annually for many years. Catholicism is alive and well and will be around for many more centuries.

God bless...


Clara Maria Goldstein said...

Video link:
This video conveys the Judaism aspect of Jesus' life that is well documented in the Gospels but often forgotten during the Easter holidays. This video also presents Jesus' perspective as a Jewish man when his lifelong faith is disrespected.

The role a few Jews had in the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus has been emphasized in plays and movies for centuries. However, the role that many Jews had in the raising and supporting of Jesus has been minimized and reduced not only in such plays and movies, but in all artistic forms of expression, to the extent that many Christian have never learned that their Savior was also a Jew.

To love and respect Jesus is to love and respect everything about him, including his Jewish religion. Every time someone offends the Jews, they offend Jesus. This is an important thing for Christians to consider when hoping to attain eternal salvation through Jesus.

The producer, Clara Maria Goldstein, was born Christian and converted to Judaism when she married a Jewish man, Jason Goldstein. She has a Christian daughter from her prior marriage and two younger Jewish boys with Jason. She respects both religions and believes that the most important religious belief is to love God and one another as yourself. The video contains modern Jewish symbols to convey Judaism to its viewers.