Monday, January 28, 2008

Johann Santana Countdown

I just read that Santana could be a Met within 10 days. It's so hard not to get my hopes up. But the thought is absolutely tantalizing. Santana was dominant in the AL, but on the Senior Circuit he'd put up numbers that we haven't seen since Doc Gooden in
'84. They may even make them lower the mound again a la Gibson.

From a rag-tag rotation that virtually had a new 5th starter every time through the rotation and had John Maine as it's "ace" to:

Oliver Perez
El Duque

All of a sudden that's a rotation that should win the NL. Maybe not The Series, but the NL.

Now if only Carlos Delgado could learn to hit again or if the Mets had any corner outfielders, that would be good too.

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