Monday, January 28, 2008

Bedard a better deal than Santanna?

I'm hoping that Omar Minaya isn't so fixated on Johann Santanna that he missed out on the conversations with the Orioles for Eric Bedard. No doubt that Santanna is the better pitcher, but the cost in prospects and salary is greater than the difference in talent.

According to a report on, Seattle is about to acquire Bedard for 4 players, mostly prospects:
* Adam Jones (Seattle's #3 prospect)
* reliever George Sherrill (great numbers in relief)
* minor league pitcher Chris Tillman
* and a fourth undisclosed prospect

Now that seems to be much less talent than the Mets are offering up for Santanna (both Gomez and Martinez + 2 of the Met's top starting pitching prospects) and his salary demands for 08 and beyond will be lower too. I love Santanna, but if I could deal one of Gomez or Martinez, plus Aaron Heilmann and one of our starter prospects for Bedard, I'd feel better about that deal. What do you say?

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