Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stephon Backs Off Vick Support

Well that didn't take long. I guess Dolan or Isiah called to tell him to recant, because clearly Stephon's not smart enough on his own.

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Mark said...

When I first heard what Stephon had to say regarding Michael Vick ... "People kill deers and hunt for sport", I really thought that maybe he was going somewhere with it. But when he added, "Dog fighting is also a sport, it's just behind closed doors" I knew it was all going to the crapper from there. If I were commisioner of the NBA, that would be all I needed to hear for me to start looking into his background and find out what else Stephon considers a sport ... idiot!

Glenn, I had to sign up for this blog thing, because I know your views (especially on sports) need to be monitored. :)

Oh, and one more thing, I can see that your Titans did a very extensive background check on Pacman .... another idiot! Who ever convinced the owner of the Titans to spend a first round draft choice on him, can work for me in sales anytime ... I have some land in Iraq I need to dump.