Friday, August 24, 2007

Mets and Red Sox fans have a lot in common

I've been living in New England for almost 5 years now. Hard to believe. As a sports fan, it's been tough at times because it's hard to find my local teams on TV without shelling out for a "League Pass". Which when you've got several teams to follow and you probably only get to watch a few games each year anyway, it hasn't seemed worth it to me.

But living up here for a while, in the heart of Red Sox Nation, I have found some several major characteristic that Mets and Sox fans have in common:
* we are both utterly paranoid about our team's performance and ability to hold a lead in a game or the standings; we just wait for the team to go into a tailspin, and at times expect it.
* we are both tired of, scared of -- yet deep down -- respect the Yankees. But there's nothing more fun than hating the Yankees and rooting against them. Certainly , having a guy like A-Rod makes it more fun.

But there's been an interesting turn of events that I didn't expect. I've actually found myself rooting for the Sox. I didn't like the Yankees anyway and with being in different leagues, it's not so bad. And I guess just being up here, they're on TV, in the paper, you just start to get into it. But if they meet in the Series -- and with the Mets bullpen, I'm not that confident -- there are no questions where my allegiances lie. And I'm hoping history will be on my side :)

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