Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dunkin Donuts Hash Browns

This morning I had the new Dunkin Donuts "oven toasted" hash browns. They were really good. They remind me a lot of potato latkes that I have during Passover (although not near as good as the ones my wife makes). It made me really wish that DD also served applesauce or sour cream as a side.

I just hope that they keep them around or at least bring them back for Passover. There's never anything to eat for breakfast (how many days in a row can you really eat matzah). At least then I can have something with my coffee.


TamaraG said...

thanks Glenn! I may not win contests but I'm glad I beat out Dunkin' Donuts. You made me hungry though, I haven't had a hash brown in years...mmmm.

molly said...

these hash browns are very very good, more like potato pancakes, ive had them when they were crisp and when they were soft and both times VERY delicious!!