Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Larry Brown to Coach Bobcats

It warms my heart to see Larry Brown back in coaching again. After being thrown out of town by Isiah ("revenge is a dish best served cold") and Dummy Dolan it's great that LB will get a chance to reclaim his coaching legacy.

Brown, who was inducted into the BBHOF in 2002 is only 1 of 5 coaches with more than 1,000 wins (LB has 1,010). Four of the Five (Lenny Wilkins - 1,332 wins; Don Nelson - 1,280, Pat Riley - 1,210 and Brown) have coached the Knicks since 1991. And Isiah fired 2 of them (Wilkins and Brown) in his tumultuous tenure. Only Jerry Sloan (1,089 wins) has not coached the Knicks,

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Jim R. said...

Dude, I am shocked and mortified that someone is paying this has-been megalomaniac to coach again.
MJ really is Isiah 2.0. My god, Avery Johnson is available and D'Antoni and Sam Mitchell may be with in a week!
This will end horribly and set the Bobcats back another five years.